Network Marketing Training: How to Fit Prospecting Into Your Busy Schedule

1 Step at A Time

We are all busy and don’t have much time.

But at the same time, we have deadlines and weekly income goals to hit in our business.

The reality is that “life happens” and sometimes it is VERY difficult to hit the weekly goals that we set for ourselves.

It becomes overwhelming and we begin to have a sense of hopelessness.

If this happens to you don’t despair.

Because you are not alone.

It happens to everyone!

Including myself.

Fortunately, there is a solution around this and successful people know how to apply this technique so that they can achieve the goals they set even during their crazy schedules.

Watch this video to learn more

The prospecting routine that the video talks about it 5-5-3 and is a proven formula for prospecting success.

To learn more prospecting tips and strategies so that you can sponsor more distributors, check out my THE S.O.W. SPONSORING SYSTEM.

Let me know how the video helps you out.

Just remember, take 1 step at a time and make the calls in the “nooks and crannies” in your day!


P.S. P.S. In the last 10 years, I have read almost every book and listened to every audio on network marketing and then took what worked and did not work and created THE S.O.W. SPONSORING SYSTEM.

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For Distributors Who Don’t Have Sales Experience

Learn how to Easily Invite More Prospects to learn about your network marketing business…

so that you can Sponsor MORE distributors regardless of whether you are good in sales or know how to present.


This 20 DVD/CD Training is divided into 7 Components

COMPONENT 1: The Attitude and Daily Routine of Top Sponsors

COMPONENT 2: Magnetic Communication

COMPONENT 3: How to Easily Approach and Invite Prospects

COMPONENT 4: Learn how NOT to Bore Your Prospects

COMPONENT 5: How to Overcome Over 50 Types of Objections

COMPONENT 6: How to Maximize Your Business Through Followups

COMPONENT 7: Closing and Getting Your Prospects to Join You

Click Here to Learn More about this Comprehensive Training course


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