What Change Will and Will NOT Guarantee You (#707)


Change: Life’s Paradox Life is a paradox. We are all born with unlimited potential and can achieve great things, but at the same time, we have instincts that sabotage our success. It has to do ... [Continue Reading]

Highlights from the 2nd Annual Australia NO BS NO HYPE MLM Training Tour (#706)


Back Home from My Australia Trip I just returned from an amazing time at my 2nd Annual Australia NO BS NO HYPE MLM Training Tour. It was a four-city tour that took me to Melbourne, Perth, ... [Continue Reading]

The People Filter (#705)


How to Filter Out the Bad People from Entering Your Life It's the last day of my 2nd Annual Australia NO BS NO HYPE MLM Training tour. It has been a ton of fun and rewarding to work with ... [Continue Reading]

Do You Focus on Problems or Solutions? (#704)


Do You Focus on Problems or Solutions? I'm in the middle of my 2nd Annual Australia NO BS NO HYPE MLM Training tour. I’m in Perth, Australia right now. I just got back from speaking to packed ... [Continue Reading]

Five Characteristics of Entrepreneurs Who Own 7 Figure Businesses (#703)

At the hot seat at my $20,000 USD Platinum Mastermind Group

Characteristics of Entrepreneurs in My Platinum Mastermind Last week I was in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) for my first face-to-face meeting with my Platinum Mastermind Group. For a $20,000 ... [Continue Reading]

Do You Really Want to Fit In? (#702)


How to Avoid the Temptation to Fit In with the Crowd This story is one of the things that helps me justify my contrarian philosophy, the philosophy that helped guide me to become one of the top MLM ... [Continue Reading]

Fatherhood: How I Get To Be a Kid Again (#701)

Making sure “James” (from Thomas & Friends) can fit inside our newly built train station

Precious Father Son Moments My wife may roll her eyes when she reads this post, and you'll soon know why. I'm ten years old and having a blast being a kid again. :-) Being a father has not ... [Continue Reading]

Million Dollar Day: If They Can Do It, I Can Do It as Well! (#700)

Though the Celebration was 2 years later, My “Million Dollar Day” was still just as special

My "Million Dollar Day" I can't believe it has been only one week since I last wrote to you. Normally time flies by, and it feels like I just wrote. However, this week so much has happened ... [Continue Reading]

My Contrarian Philosophy: A Simple Blueprint for Success (#699)


A Contrarian Philosophy This week’s post is philosophical and controversial so I would love to hear your comments. Let’s start off by defining what contrarian means. Wikipedia defines ... [Continue Reading]

5 Years From Now… I’ll Be…(#698)


5 Years Ago My friend Dave from NYC came over to visit us this past weekend and my dog, Obi, was thrilled to see him. It has been a few years, but Obi still remembered him like he just saw him ... [Continue Reading]