Personal Updates from Simon Chan


Writing and Sharing I’m back! Can’t believe it but it’s been over a month since I wrote my last blog on this website. This has been the LONGEST break where I have not written in almost 3 ... Continue Reading

Launch of MLM Nation Podcast


MLM Nation Podcast is Coming I’m excited to announce the launch of MLM Nation on March 30, 2015. This is the BIGGEST project that I’ve worked on in the last 10 years and has been months in the ... Continue Reading

What to Do With Bad MLM Prospects


I grew up in Brooklyn, New York and the weather is terrible. The summers are too hot and the winters are freezing cold. If you live around there, you know what I’m talking about right now! I ... Continue Reading

How to Prospect Restaurant Servers


How to Prospect Restaurant Servers I just published my ebook on 71 Ways to Sponsor More Distributors and you can get it FREE here. One of the 71 Ways to Sponsor More Distributors have to do with ... Continue Reading