5 Fundamental Skills of Network Marketing Training: How to Edify Leaders and Tell Stories

Members of my Network Marketing Coaching Programs can ask me for help or advice every week.

Today’s Coaching Question comes from 5 Star Mastermind Coaching member Michelle from Melbourne, Australia.


Hey Simon , thank you very much for answering my tough question so well last week =D Here is another one : In our business , so many experienced and productive leaders have mentioned the importance of telling stories and being able to edify the upline leaders , meetings and trainings . I guess its similar like praise, we must be sincere and specific, right? So Simon, how do you normally edify the upline leaders, meetings and trainings? Is it like telling short stories when you edifying them? How to just use few sentences to tell a great story? =D Thank you in Advance ^^

Michelle, the video below has my suggestions that will help you.

Make sure you apply what you learn and let me know how it helps you!


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