Ed Miguel and Shanne Miguel


Ed and Shanne Miguel Last week I was super excited to meet up with one of my good friends, Ed Miguel and his family. Ed is a Diamond Director and is one of the "founding fathers" of my ... Continue Reading

Cold Market Myth


Cold Market Prospecting If you are saying that you are not good with new people or cold market strangers... You are a Liar! You are a Lying to Yourself! Why? Just think about your best ... Continue Reading

Older, Slower but Better


Coming Out of Retirement I am super sore as I write this and can barely walk. That's because this past week I came out of retirement. I laced up my Nike high tops and stepped onto a basketball ... Continue Reading

5 Lessons From a Baseball Legend


Once upon a time, way before the internet and mobile phones was invented, I was a kid growing up in New York City. I was a huge baseball fan and my favorite team were the NY Yankees. Every morning ... Continue Reading

The Entrepreneur’s Greatest Asset


Entrepreneur’s Greatest Advantage For those that like to exercise and workout, at the end of this week’s video, I share 1 big tip that keeps me healthy and allows me to be in better shape than people ... Continue Reading